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SP Children’s Immune ™ Product Sneak Peak

We are excited to announce our first SP Children's product featuring Buddy the Beet on the label.

Bilberry Forte Reformulation Coming Soon - Replacing Bilberry 6000mg

MediHerb is changing to a capsule format to overcome stability issues with the current product and to increase the shelf life of the product from 2 to 3 years.

There will be double the strength of the bilberry extract (120 mg vs 60 mg) as capsules allow for more herbal input, reducing the serving size by half.

New Suggested Use: 1 capsule twice daily, or as directed.

Standard Process New Farm Dryer Building Expansion

On Wednesday, April 6, Standard Process broke ground to celebrate the start of construction on a 10,000 square foot expansion connecting a new dryer building to the existing juice process building. The industry-leading technology will use the gentlest method possible to dehydrate juice pressed from harvested farm crops while preserving precious nutrients.

The new dryer operation will allow greater production efficiencies, including an estimated 170 juice tanker truckers that will no longer need to be transported from the Farm to the Plant each year.

The project team began researching dryer technology in 2014. We expect the new building to be complete by November 2022, with the new dryer ready for the 2023 crop season.

This investment is just one example of how Standard Process is staying on top of state-of-the-art technologies that result in the best possible products for our customers,” explained Standard Process President and CEO, Charlie DuBois. “We’ve remained at the forefront of the nutritional supplement industry for over 90 years, and we’re committed to maintaining that standard.”

We shared the exciting news by distributing a press release to local business media and our trade partners and are pleased to see the Milwaukee BizTimes featured our story on April 20. We attached a copy of the article for easy reading.

New - Patient Facing In-Office Videos & Beautiful Standard Process Farm Pictures Available to Download

Standard Process All Product videos looped.mp4
In-office video loop 18 minutes of great education

Check out the new in-office product video loops available.

You asked, Standard Process delivered! We now have over 20 patient facing in-office videos to choose from and a beautiful assortment of farm pictures to use on all your in-office advertising and social media platforms.

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New - Elevation of Brain Magnesium with Swiss Chard and Buckwheat Extracts Article

Magnsium Research Article.pdf

Product Carton Change

Due to continuing supply chain issues, we’ll be switching the material used for the brown cartons that hold our bottles. The only difference will be that the interior of the box will be white (rather than brown like the exterior).

Nutrition Highlights with Sara

Join us for a quick snapshot of Cataplex B-Core's proprietary blend, and a comparison of the Cataplex B-Core to Cataplex B.

Sara manages to cover all of the bases in less than 3 minutes and is a delight to listen to.

2022 Standard Process & MediHerb Price Adjustments

MediHerb Price Adjustments will take place February 28th at 5:30 pm

Sinus Forte is Back in Stock

Sinus Forte contains Eyebright, Golden Rod, Echinacea, Golden Seal and Cayenne to support the nose, sinuses and healthy upper respiratory mucous membranes.

*New* Royal Lee Timeline

Royal Lee Interactive Timeline.pdf

Discontinued Products Effective 3-1-22

4705 - Hemp Oil (6pk only)

14010, 14011, 14020, 14021 - 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Kits

14032, 14033, 14042, 14043 - 10-Day Healthy Inflammation Response Kits

Upcoming MediHerb Size Changes - 40T to 60T

MediHerb will continue to work on changing over several products from 40T count to 60T count. The estimated launch dates are dependent on current stock and run out dates. Please check your pricing in office to be sure they reflect the new tablet count.

  • Bone Complex [May 2021] M1820 | $40.00

  • Vascular Care Complex [May 2021] M175 | $49.00

  • HerbaVital [May 2021] M1770 | $44.00

  • Rhodiola & Schisandra [May 2021] M1800 | $38.00

  • PulmaCo [May 2021] M1830 | $48.00

  • St. John's Wort 1.8g [May 2021] M1795 | $31.50

  • Nervagesic [May 2021] M1790 | $44.50

  • Bacopa Complex [June 2021 M1810 | $41.50

  • HiPep [August 2021] M1840 | $45.00

  • ResCo [August 2021] M1850 | $42.50

  • Valerian Complex [September 2021] M1880 | $51.00

  • Ganoderma & Shiitake [October 2021] M1860 | $52.00

  • DermaCo [November 2021] M1870 | $47.50

  • FemCo [November 2021] M1890 | $49.50

  • Broncafect [Feb 2022] M1775 | $44.50

2022 SP Detox and Purification Patient Challenge

Participants can join at any time throughout the year.

  • Daily inspirational emails

  • Access to Facebook groups to share progress, recipes, encouragement, and much more

  • Encourage social media posting using #spdetoxchallenge, #purificationchallenge, #spchallenge

Challenge begins January 03, 2022.

After the challenge concludes, participants (patients) can enter to win prizes by submitting a statement about how the program impacted them:

  • Grand Prize: $400 HelloFresh gift card

  • Second Place: $200 HelloFresh gift card

  • Third Place: $100 HelloFresh gift card

Welcome Back Tribulus

After much persistence, we are happy to share that we can once again produce Tribulus so that it upholds the quality that Standard Process® and MediHerb are known for.

Calcium Lactate Transition to Medium Oval Tablets

Transition took place 11/12/21

  • Changing from regular tablets to medium oval tablets

  • Suggested use decreasing from 6 to 3 tablets/day

  • Increase DV of calcium from 19% to 20% so will now be considered an excellent source of calcium

Due to this reformulation, the product claims are being slightly revised to these:

· Supports muscle and nerve function

· Supports normal functions of cells and cell membranes

· Supports normal blood clotting process

· Supports proper functioning of enzyme systems

· Supports and helps maintain healthy bone density and remodeling

· Provides support in the immune system response function

· Adequate calcium as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

· Magnesium is involved in sleep pathways that support brain homeostatic sleep processes

· Excellent source of calcium

· Good source of magnesium

· Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Non-Dairy, Non-Soy

Serving Size Changes [Current and Future Products]

LivCo - New Capsule Format

The new capsule format enables MediHerb to produce this product with fewer excipients

Product Numbers | SLP: M1760 (40C) $30.00 - M1765 (120C) $85.00

Formula Changes:

  • Rosemary leaf extract ration 7.5 : 1 extract, 66.7 mg

  • Removed excipients: croscarmellose sodium, sorbitol and maltodextrin

Myotrophin PMG Discontinued

Suggested Replacement Cardiotrophin PMG
Cardiotrophin PMG.pdf