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2021 New Product Promotion - Buy 3 Bottles, Get 1 Complimentary Bottle [Valid Through December 30, 2021]

2021 New Product Promotion Sponsored by Illinois Nutrition Consultants

*This promotion is limited to one complimentary bottle per product. This promotion is sponsored by Illinois Nutrition Consultants, not Standard Process. Your complimentary bottle will ship separately from your original order.

View the qualifying products here

We've had many new product launches over the past year and we would like to make it easier for you to try them in your office. Through 2021, take advantage of our promotion "Buy 3, Get 1" on any of the products listed here.

Place your order through Standard Process and email your receipt to stacy@ilnutrition.com.

Sports Recovery Pack Promotion - Buy one Sports Recovery Pack and get one free for sampling

This promotion must be placed through Stacy@Ilnutrition.com -

Do not place your order through Standard Process.

Valid through December 30, 2021 (while supplies last).

  • No product substitutions allowed.

  • This is an IN-OFFICE ONLY promotion (can be drop shipped). Promotion is not approved for Digital Web Sales Platforms such as: Practice Website, InSite, Google, Patient Direct, or any other digital advertising mediums.

  • Use only corporate approved ad materials for digital & in-office communication of promotion.

  • Promotion runs through December 30 (while supplies last).

Ordering Details:

  • No minimum quantity to order. All regular shipping charges will apply.

  • Max 24 promotional items per order (multiple orders can be placed).

Standard Process Holiday Hours

Holiday Shipping Schedule

This year we have some special customer care hours:

  • December 20-27: Customer Care available via phone 8-4:30 CT

As always, we will be available for online purchases 24/7 every day at standardprocess.com.

Please contact our Customer Care team at sporders@standardprocess.com or 800-558-8740 with any questions.

2022 Standard Process Price Adjustments

The Standard Process and Veterinary Formulas price adjustments for 2022 will take effect on Thursday, December 30 at 4:30 p.m. CT. MediHerb is still evaluating their price adjustments and they will not take place in December, but in early 2022 instead.

An email from Standard Process was sent to all accounts on Thursday, November 18 communicating the Standard Process and Veterinary Formulas price increases

Product Stock Updates

We will update this list as information becomes available to us. Check the Standard Process website for the most recent product stock updates as information is updated there daily.

December 1 2021 Backorders.xlsx

2022 SP Detox and Purification Patient Challenge

It's that time of year again to start planning your 2022 Detox and Purification Challenge. Encourage your patient's to join the challenge to detoxify with a nationwide community.

Challenge begins January 03, 2022

  • Daily inspirational emails

  • Access to Facebook groups to share progress, recipes, encouragement, and much more

  • Encourage social media posting using #spdetoxchallenge, #purificationchallenge, #spchallenge

After the challenge concludes, participants (patients) can enter to win prizes by submitting a statement about how the program impacted them:

  • Grand Prize: $400 HelloFresh gift card

  • Second Place: $200 HelloFresh gift card

  • Third Place: $100 HelloFresh gift card

Register for the Upcoming Webinar

Webinar - The Health Benefits of Purification & Metabolic Detoxification

Presented by Sara Le Brun-Blashka, MS

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

12-1 PM CST

About the webinar:

The body is exposed to toxins every day, which can overburden its natural ability to detoxify. At Standard Process, we’re kicking off 2022 with the SP Detox and Purification Challenge — a transition to a new, healthy way of living in the new year.

A Letter from Standard Process's CEO: Securing our future and adapting to change

A Letter from Charlie DuBois: I want to talk to you about the future. This is a long message, but I know you will read it because you have passion for these products, and they are an important part of your patient’s care. Standard Process will follow the example of our Founder, Dr. Royal Lee, and use every means possible to give well informed patients who wish to take control over their health, access to our life changing products. We must constantly adapt and evolve, always in a way that is intended to be fair to all our stakeholders. To understand where we are going, it is necessary to spend some time talking about where we have been.

Tribulus is Back in Stock!

Welcome Back Our Friend

Previously, MediHerb had been unable to source Tribulus terrestris herb that met our shared quality standards. After much persistence, we are happy to share that we can once again produce the product so that it upholds the quality that Standard Process® and MediHerb are known for.

Tribulus contains an extract of Tribulus terrestris herb (aerial parts – leaves and stems) and contains steroidal saponins, mainly furostanol glycosides (including protodioscin and protogracillin) and small quantities of spirostanol glycosides, sterols and other compounds.

This product is standardized to contain 90 mg per tablet of furostanol saponins to ensure optimal strength and quality. Protodioscin, a furanostanol saponin from Tribulus terrestris, is considered responsible for the plant’s effects on libido and vitality.*

M1445 | 40 tablets | Suggested List Price $59.50

The compounds in Tribulus have been used traditionally to:

  • support healthy libido in men and women

  • promote normal menstrual flow

  • tonify and promote vitality

  • promote an overall feeling of well-being*

Watch Kerry Bone in his Facebook Q & A

Is Tribulus Misunderstood?

Now Available - Calcium Lactate Transition to Medium Oval Tablets

○ 1875, 90T, $21.00 SLP

○ 1895, 180T, $28.00 SLP

○ 1905, 360T, $45.50 SLP

Transition took place 11/12/21

  • Changing from regular tablets to medium oval tablets

  • Suggested use decreasing from 6 to 3 tablets/day

  • Increase DV of calcium from 19% to 20% so will now be considered an excellent source of calcium

Due to this reformulation, the product claims are being slightly revised to these:

· Supports muscle and nerve function

· Supports normal functions of cells and cell membranes

· Supports normal blood clotting process

· Supports proper functioning of enzyme systems

· Supports and helps maintain healthy bone density and remodeling

· Provides support in the immune system response function

· Adequate calcium as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

· Magnesium is involved in sleep pathways that support brain homeostatic sleep processes

· Excellent source of calcium

· Good source of magnesium

· Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Non-Dairy, Non-Soy

Serving Size Changes [Current and Future Products]

LivCo - New Capsule Format

The new capsule format enables MediHerb to produce this product with fewer excipients

Product Numbers | SLP: M1760 (40C) $30.00 - M1765 (120C) $85.00

Formula Changes:

  • Rosemary leaf extract ration 7.5 : 1 extract, 66.7 mg

  • Removed excipients: croscarmellose sodium, sorbitol and maltodextrin

Myotrophin PMG Discontinued - Suggested Replacement Cardiotrophin PMG

Cardiotrophin PMG.pdf

MediHerb Size Changes

Have you updated the prices in your office?

MediHerb has changed many products from 40 count to 60 count bottles. Please double check your pricing on these products to be sure they reflect the new size.

  • Bone Complex [May 2021] M1820 | $40.00

  • Vascular Care Complex [May 2021] M175 | $49.00

  • HerbaVital [May 2021] M1770 | $44.00

  • Rhodiola & Schisandra [May 2021] M1800 | $38.00

  • PulmaCo [May 2021] M1830 | $48.00

  • St. John's Wort 1.8g [May 2021] M1795 | $31.50

  • Nervagesic [May 2021] M1790 | $44.50

  • Bacopa Complex [June 2021 M1810 | $41.50

  • HiPep [August 2021] M1840 | $45.00

  • ResCo [August 2021] M1850 | $42.50

  • Valerian Complex [September 2021] M1880 | $51.00

  • Ganoderma & Shiitake [October 2021] M1860 | $52.00

  • DermaCo [November 2021] M1870 | $47.50

  • FemCo [November 2021] M1890 | $49.50

  • Broncafect [Feb 2022] M1775 | $44.50

Most Recent Catalog, New Product & Test Kits Insert and Price List

Standard Process MediHerb November 2021 Order Form.pdf