"Key Stone Habits" Start with a Shake-a-Day

Introducing Shake-a-Day, a great way to engage your patients with fun recipes using SP Complete Powders. Help your patients change one habit that positively effects the rest of their life.

We are constantly searching for strategies that impact health and have a ripple effect across the entire day. According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business, "Keystone habits offer what is known within academic literature as “small wins.” They help other habits to flourish by creating new structures, and they establish cultures where change becomes contagious.”

We know that most soil is devoid of nutrients and most food is devoid of healthy ingredients. Especially ingredients such as kale, buckwheat and barley grass. SP complete bridges the gap and is an excellent way to start the day.

Why SP Complete?

  • Contains Vital Nutrients

  • Simple to use, Just add water!

  • Increases Metabolism

Get the phytonutrients the body needs to restore vital energy with an easy to use concept... Shake-a-day! "A shake a day keeps the MD away!"

Watch Jeff & Sara Introduce Shake-a-Day & Promotion

Shake A Day Webinar WITHOUT Promo.wmv
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Download our Shake-a-Day counter display featuring a comparison of our protein powders on the backside.

"Shake-a-Day to Kick-Start Your Day" Video Series

Our very own chef and nutritionist Sara Snelling gets in the kitchen with her junior chef helper to share the Why, What, and How of our nutritious shakes. Join us on our SHAKE-a-DAY mission to start your morning routine off with farm fresh organic vegetables and foundational nutrients in convenient powders that you and your patients can use to kick-start your day.

Shake A Day - The Why.wmv
Shake A Day - The What.wmv
Shake A Day - Let's Make A Tropical Smoothie Bowl.wmv
Shake A Day - Chocolate Strawberry Immersion Style 2.wmv

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SP Complete Chocolate is Delicious

Chocolate Shakes for Breakfast

Organic ingredients grown in America's heartland

About SP Compete Chocolate

SP Complete Chocolate offers essential whole food nutrition in a convenient powder with delicious chocolate flavor.*

  • Excellent source of protein and provides amino acids

  • Supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health

  • Supports healthy liver function

  • Supports the body’s normal toxin-elimination function

  • Contains nondenatured whey proteins that have kept their nutritional integrity throughout the manufacturing process

  • Supports the maintenance of a healthy weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle

  • Adds vital nutrients to any diet and can be used as nutritional support in the Standard Process Purification Program

  • Good source of dietary fiber, calcium, choline, and iron*

Start your day with Shake-a-Day! We are mixing SP Complete Chocolate with strawberries to make a treat that you won't regret in the morning.

Directions: Add four round scoops to 8oz water and 1/2 cups of strawberries. Blend and enjoy!

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