Now Available - SP Children's Immune

Product # 16000

• Supports the immune system

• Chewable supplement

• Gluten-free and non-soy

• Excellent source of:

• Vitamin D: 75% DV

• Zinc 55% DV

• Antioxidant vitamin C: 28%

Suggested Use: For children ages 4 and older, chew two wafers per day.

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The Ingredients

The 2’-FL in SP Children’sTM Immune is from a high-quality source:

• Derived from a microbial fermentation process

• Structurally equivalent to HMO from human milk

• FDA generally recognizes as safe

• From cow’s milk

• Standardized to 15% immunoglobulins

• Mainly consists of protein

• 500 mg of colostrum in each serving

Elderberry – A polyphenol rich species of berry

Contains 173.6 mg of organic elderberry powder

Strawberry – Potent polyphenol red berry, freeze-dried to deliver natural flavors and nutrients

Contains 118.86 mg of organic strawberry powder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an adult immune system and child's immune system?

Throughout a person’s lifespan, the immune system is responsible for keeping out foreign substances and protecting the body. Though it is often thought of as a singular system, it actually consists of two separate sub-systems: innate immunity, and adaptive immunity.

The average, properly trained adult immune system has fully developed tolerance. Because children have naive adaptive immune systems, they tend to rely more on their innate system (which is often fully functional by two years of age) than an average adult.

Following initial innate responses, the fragments left from an environmental challenge are then presented to the adaptive immune system cells to ultimately develop long-lasting memory. Ensuring the proper concentration of macro- and micronutrients is critical for a child’s health and prepares the child’s immune system for future encounters.

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Why is this product limited to children 4 and older?

The chewable format is specific to children 4 and older, and the nutrient amounts delivered are targeted for children between the ages of 4 and 17.

Could an adult take this product if they want?

While this product is formulated for children’s immune systems, yes, an adult could take this product.

What allergens are in this product?

This product contains dairy (cow’s milk) and strawberries.

How is dairy important to children's immune systems?

The dairy in the product comes from the colostrum ingredient, which is produced by cows on the first day of milking. It is a naturally occurring source of immunoglobulins.

Is SP Children's Immune sugar-free?

SP Children’s™ Immune contains 2’-FL, which is the functional prebiotic (“working” prebiotic) and is also considered a sugar. There is no high-fructose corn syrup added as a sweetener. The product draws from organic, whole food ingredients — elderberry and strawberry — to give it a sweeter flavor.

Is SP Children's Immune non-GMO?

Yes. This product contains no genetically modified-ingredients.

SP Children's Immune Product Marketing & Resources

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