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GI Adsorb is a GI health supplement that contains clinoptilolite, an adsorbent zeolite mineral, and is formulated to support GI health and elimination.* It also:

  • Contains purified Clinoptilolite (G-PUR®) — a mineral that has adsorbent properties towards naturally occurring toxins*

  • Contains Collinsonia Root, which has been historically used to support normal elimination and digestive health*

  • Helps support a healthy gut barrier*

  • Helps with the body's removal of naturally occurring toxins by supporting a healthy GI barrier and normal elimination*

Nutrients & Ingredients

Each Serving Size (4 Capsules) contains: Calcium 20 mg, Iron 9 mg. Proprietary Blend 2.48 g: Clinoptilolite (1.85 g), chlorella, and collinsonia root. Other Ingredients: Honey and calcium stearate.

GI Adsorb provides important elimination support

The elements that go into the body — nutrients, vitamins, and minerals — are most commonly thought of as the substances that help the various systems operate at their best. However, elements that can help eliminate substances from the body are also greatly important. GI health and toxin removal play important roles, and are essential for helping people achieve optimal wellness. That’s why GI Adsorb from Standard Process is formulated to support GI health and normal elimination.*

What is G-PUR®?

GI Adsorb contains G-PUR®, a purified, high-quality zeolite/clinoptilolite mineral that ensures a strong adsorbent property. Zeolites, which come from volcanic ash that has been weathered in marine environments for millions of years, have been used in a variety of applications — most commonly for water purification.

What is adsorption, and why is it important for toxin removal?

Adsorbents (not to be confused with absorbent) are materials capable of trapping certain substances to their surface or within pores, shielding them from interactions in a biological or chemical system.1

Adsorption differs from absorption on one key way: the way molecules are removed. In adsorption, molecules from a toxin are held loosely on the surface of the adsorbent and can be easily removed without entering the adsorbent.

What are the benefits of clinoptilolite?

Adsorbent compounds, including the G-PUR® clinoptilolite found in GI Adsorb, have been investigated in cell studies, animal models, and clinical trials for their ability to support the GI system as it faces stressed conditions.2-7 Clinoptilolite is a zeolite mineral. Its molecules trap naturally occurring toxins on their surfaces to remove them through normal elimination.


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Clinoptilolite has a unique adsorbent property toward naturally occurring toxins in our body, and Collinsonia root has been historically used to support elimination. These are the key ingredients in our GI Adsorb, and the combination makes it a useful tool for supporting your GI health.