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Organic and regenerative farming methods are not the same on all farms. Growing nutrient-dense whole foods requires a real commitment to the soil – a commitment not everyone is willing to make.

For decades, our dedication to cultivating healthy soil has allowed us to maximize the nutrient density in our products, delivering them as close to nature as possible, and producing the kind of nutritional vitality that changes lives.

Patient Facing Videos

Standard Process videos are available for download so you can play them on high-definition televisions around your office. If you have questions on how to download and play these videos, please read these instructions.

Seasons on the Farm

Planting Brussels Sprouts

Reigi Weeder

Pressing Alfalfa

Our Farm Map

We proudly practice organic farming, regularly rotating our crops to sustain the soil.

When you click on the button below, the maps shown represent a given season on the Standard Process farm.

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Composting Practices

Composting is nature’s way of recycling, and we consider it to be invaluable. The base of our compost is 100% certified organic vegetative matter from our farm. Composting not only increases fertility and soil health on the farm, but it highlights our commitment to sustainability by keeping more than 2 million pounds of byproduct solids out of landfills annually. At our farm, we transform whole food green plant material into black gold.

Water Conservation

Over the past few years, we have implemented water reduction measures that have reduced annual water usage. Wastewater generation and water disposal have also been reduced on both the farm and in the manufacturing facility. In total, we have saved more than 5 million gallons of water and reduced wastewater discharge by 6 million gallons since 2014.

Nutrition Research

Nutrition Innovation Campus

Headquartered at the North Carolina Research Center in Kannapolis, the Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Campus opened in early 2018 and is dedicated to developing and testing new products and solutions for health care practitioners and patients. The Nutrition Innovation Center not only inspires innovation, it also validates our whole food philosophy with scientifically based evidence. It is a place where corporations, universities, and health care organizations are able to forge a public-private partnership that is transforming science at the intersection of human health and nutrition. We built the Nutrition Innovation Center to help us impact and change health care in the United States through nutrition therapy.

Green Tier Recognition

Standard Process is proud to be recognized by the State of Wisconsin for our sustainability efforts. The Green Tier program recognizes companies that distinguish themselves as environmental innovators and demonstrate a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability beyond simply maintaining a good environmental compliance record. By accepting Standard Process into the program, the state of Wisconsin not only recognizes our sustainability efforts and accomplishments, but also our overall commitment to expanding our sustainability program.