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Stock | Backorder Updates As of 10-24-22

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Like much of the world, Standard Process and MediHerb continue to experience transportation and raw material delays. To our delight, many products continue to arrive prior to their expected back in stock date.

Check the Standard Process website for the most recent product stock updates as information is updated there daily.

Please note, items listed as BACKORDER may be placed in your cart and will be shipped when available. Items listed as NOT AVAILABLE can not be placed in your cart.

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Gut Flora Complex Update:

Unfortunately, the manufacturing facility suffered a fire which resulted in the destruction of a large number of Gut Flora Complex capsules. MediHerb had also provided a large amount of raw materials for the next manufacturing batch which were also unfortunately destroyed.

Our team is working on a contingency plan as a high priority to bring Gut Flora Complex back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we recommend using these other excellent MediHerb products as alternatives to Gut Flora Complex:

  • Berberine Active – to support a healthy bowel environment. Until Gut Flora Complex returns, Kerry Bone recommends Berberine Active replace Gut Flora Complex in the GI Balance Protocol.

  • Myrrh Forte – to support a healthy intestinal environment

  • Wormwood Complex – to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract