Marketing Materials

Below are some examples of the complimentary marketing material available from Standard Process & MediHerb website

In Office Product Videos

Check out the new in-office product video loops available.

You asked, Standard Process delivered! We now have over 20 patient facing in-office videos and a beautiful assortment of farm pictures to use on all your in-office advertising and social media platforms. Choose from 15, 30, and 60 second product videos or an 18 minute video loop of all product videos for continuous play.

Standard Process All Product videos looped.mp4

18 Minute All Product Video Loop

LN01864 Standard Process Zypan Product Video_60 second Final.mp4

Zypan Product Video

LN02032_Standard Process Tuna Omega 3s_15 second Final.mp4

Tuna Omega 3 Video

Standard Process Farm Pictures

Standard Process Alfalfa Flower

Standard Process Beets

Standard Process Soil

Complimentary Marketing Materials

Ideal Dispensary

Ideal Dispensary In-Office Display

Ideal Dispensary In-Clinic Displays

Set up and organize the products on your shelves in less than an hour. The graphics are designed to enhance your office space while guiding and educating your patients on product selections.

Supporting the System – Not the Symptom

At Standard Process, we take a systems-focused approach to health. Evidence shows that whole food-based nutrition can make an important difference in our body systems. By understanding how each system works individually and interdependently, we can support our most important body systems by selecting the best combination of nutrients.