Patient Direct

Growing your practice has never been easier.

At Standard Process, we’re always looking for ways to help you improve the lives of your patients. And since you’re already a believer in whole body wellness, we wanted to make it easier for you to offer it to your patients. That’s why we created Patient Direct by Standard Process, a totally upgraded patient ordering platform that makes ordering supplements more streamlined than ever. That’s because it was created with one thing in mind: you. And making your life and the lives of your patients easier.

See how easy registering for Patient Direct can be! View our instructional videos below.

Practitioner Direct-To-Patient Ordering Platforms

Compare the different options you have to delivering product to your patients. Our worksheet "Platform Parity Worksheet for Customer Use" (below on right) will allow you to view the different options and how they may affect your patients. Please reach out to your representative with any questions you may have.

L00143 Ordering Platform Sales Sheet 7.6.2021.pdf
Platform Parity Worksheet for Customer Use 7.22.2021.xlsx

A more efficient experience.

With the new system, ordering supplements is easier than ever for patients. After account approval by a health care professional, patients can immediately place online supplement orders, all the while under the oversight of that health care professional. But patients aren’t the only ones who will benefit. Patient Direct will make your job as a health care professional more streamlined. To be mindful of your already hectic schedule, Patient Direct gives you the ability to access, view, change, activate, or deactivate each patient’s online ordering account from your current Standard Process account. No additional login on your part is required.

Office visits will always be necessary. But once a supplement plan is in place, Patient Direct simplifies the fulfillment process for both you and your patient, positively impacting patient compliance while enhancing the overall health care professional-patient relationship.

Getting Started Instructional Videos

Healthcare Professional Registration Instructional Video
Healthcare Professional Account Management Video
Patient Registration Instructional Video

What Your Patients See When They Apply

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